Meet Dr. Asim Akhtar, CEO & Founder of Kyoku for Men

I invented Kyoku to solve a problem in my own life. When I saw what a huge difference having clear skin made to my confidence, self-esteem, and outlook on life, I knew I couldn’t keep it to myself.

-Dr. Asim Akhtar
CEO & Founder of Kyoku for Men

The Backstory: His Pain, Your Gain

Why did Kyoku creator, Dr. Asim Akhtar, invent the first acne treatment designed specifically for men’s thicker, oilier skin? “I had terrible acne, and nothing on the market worked to clear up my skin.” Through years of study and rigorous testing, he was able to fine-tune the formulas that would change his complexion for good.

The key? A fleet of acne-fighting, anti-inflammatory ingredients, blasted into tiny particles so that they penetrate men’s skin and conquer acne at its source.

About Kyoku For Men

Kyoku for Men is the only acne treatment for men. It is doctor-designed to guarantee results. Using a superior delivery system of microparticles (translation: really, really small pieces), Kyoku delivers a team of acne-fighting anti-inflammatory ingredients deep below your skin’s surface, where acne lives. Within 60 days or less, Kyoku eliminates acne-causing inflammation, reducing breakouts and promoting smoother, healthier looking skin.