The world’s 1st acne treatment scientifically designed to eliminate acne in men’s skin

  • Clear, acne free skin in just 60 days - guaranteed
  • Exclusive Microparticle Technology penetrates men's thicker, oilier skin to stop the source of acne: inflammation
  • Step-by-step 3 product system is incredibly easy to use
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I invented Kyoku to solve a problem in my own life. When I saw what a huge difference having clear skin made to my confidence, self-esteem, and outlook on life, I knew I couldn’t keep it to myself.

-Dr. Asim Akhtar
CEO & Founder of Kyoku for Men

The Backstory: His Pain, Your Gain

Why did Kyoku creator, Dr. Asim Akhtar, invent the first acne treatment designed specifically for men’s thicker, oilier skin? “I had terrible acne, and nothing on the market worked to clear up my skin.” Through years of study and rigorous testing, he was able to fine-tune the formulas that would change his complexion for good.

The key? A fleet of acne-fighting, anti-inflammatory ingredients, blasted into tiny particles so that they penetrate men’s skin and conquer acne at its source.

Why Nothing Else Works

Q. Wondering why drugstore acne creams or even prescription treatments aren’t working for you?
A. You’re a guy, and most acne products are created for women.

Men's Skin is up to 30% Thicker Than Women's SkinMen’s skin is significantly thicker than women’s skin — as much as 30% thicker. Plus, when a guy gets breakouts or acne, the pimples sit on top of his thick skin, blocking access to the source of acne even more. Drugstore creams and prescription treatments don’t treat inflammation – they stop working at the skin’s outermost layer, neglecting acne’s root cause.

Plus, clinical research shows that the real source of acne is inflammation deep beneath the skin’s layers in an area called the sebaceous glands — and no other acne product on the market treats inflammation.

Only Kyoku treats the inflammation that causes your acne with a potent blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients that tackles acne at its source, neutralizing the enemy so clear skin wins. Get Clear Skin Now

Smaller IS Better.

How Kyoku Works

99% of acne treatments stop working at the Dermis.

Men’s skin can be as much as 30% thicker than women’s skin, and when men break out, their skin swells around the acne site, blocking access to the deepest layers of the skin even further.

Kyoku microparticles work at the subcutaneous layer, where acne lives.

Using a superior delivery system of microparticles (translation: really, really small pieces), Kyoku delivers a team of acne-fighting anti-inflammatory ingredients deep below your skin’s surface, where acne lives.

Healthy pores and acne-free skin.

Within 60 days or less, Kyoku eliminates acne-causing inflammation, reducing breakouts and promoting smoother, healthier looking skin.

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60 day money back guarantee

Clear Skin in 60 Days or Less Guaranteed

Untreated acne



Day One: Kyoku’s anti-inflammatory system goes to work immediately, targeting acne at its source.

30 days of acne treatment



By Day 30 skin’s appearance is visibly improved, breaking out less frequently and looking smoother.

60 days of acne treatment



By Day 60 acne symptoms are in full retreat! Welcome to the new you. As you continue to use Kyoku, the chances of future acne flare-ups will diminish exponentially, assuring your skin stays in the clear!

60 day money back guarantee

Zero Guesswork

...100% Results
Kyoku For Men acne treatment products

Everything You Need to Combat Acne & Get Clear

Our targeted skincare kits are doctor-designed to:

  • Eliminate inflammation
  • Reduce number & severity of breakouts
  • Improve skin’s overall appearance
  • Address your skin’s special needs
  • Prevent future acne flare-ups

Anti-Inflammatory. Pro Clarity.

Your weapons in the fight against acne

Kyoku Products are Formulated Without

  • Parabens
  • Pthalates
  • Animal Testing
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